We purchase companies

We purchase companies of various legal status. When submitting the proposal for purchasing your company, please answer these questions.

Company price

We will set the price of your company under the next criteria:

  1. 1) Set-up date;
  2. 2) Current or previous activity data – turnover, profit;
  3. 3) Debts;

Please provide detailed information, so that we could make mutually favourable decisions as soon as possible.


  1. 1. The estimated sale price of the company;
  2. 2. The exact company name;
  3. 3. Information about the company operation:
    1. a. The core activity of the company. Has it been operating yet?
    2. b. The number of company employees (provided the company has been operating yet);
    3. c. The company qualifications (certificates and other);
    4. d. The company operating profit and loss;
  4. 4. Provided the company has debts, please indicate the main creditors and amounts of debts;
  5. 5. The state of the company accounting (who is managing, if neglected – since when);
  6. 6. A short company description and reason of sale.