Accounting management, consulting


Our firm also provides accounting services.

Accounting is handled in compliance with modern requirements and valid statutory standards.

We will choose the best accounting variant for your business.

We do not distinguish the customers by categories. You and we are one team the goal of which is to accomplish everything in time, with quality, and at optimal cost.

Our cooperation will allow you to save on costs that can be used for creating another work place for an employee.

According to calculations, we suggest you to reduce the relating costs even up to 70 percent.

It is especially important for newly set-up companies, as it is a considerable financial burden to employ a qualified financial specialist.

At the same time, you will not have to solve the issues related with Social Insurance (SoDra), STI (VMI), and other state institutions. We will do it.

We apply quite a flexible and, at the same time, very transparent methodology for calculating the accounting service price.

When the quantity of employees or issued and received accounting documents changes, the accounting-related costs change automatically as well.

There are no hidden taxes in our accounting system. We guarantee this.

Experience of well-known foreign capital companies, the service of which includes a company set-up with further accounting management, has shown that the customers prefer a service package, i.e. a company set-up and further accounting management.

We seek to comply with the newest requirements.

Our business activities include setting up of companies, sale, and accounting.

Therefore, from the very start of your business you will have a time-proven, reliable partner.