Companies set up


  • The price of the company set-up – 605 EUR (the price is final, no VAT is added)
  • The price of the company set-up – 375 EUR *(the price is final, no VAT is added)
  • The company set-up procedures are conducted within 5 (five) workdays

*A special 375 EUR price of the company set-up is applied to the customer who

orders 24-month accounting  service. The accounting rates can be found here

The company set-up price includes:

  • Preparation of set-up documents; Check-up of the name (reservation)
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Approval of the documents at the notary, payment for the notary service
  • Submission of the documents to the Centre of Registers, payment of services

Additionally paid services:

  • Providing a registered address
  • Ordering and manufacturing a seal

Various legal form companies are set up:

  • AB (a public company)
  • UAB (a private company)
  • IĮ (proprietorship)
  • VšĮ (a public body)
  • TŪB (general partnership)
  • KŪB (limited partnership)
  • MB (small comminity)

We prepare all company set-up documents, conduct paperwork,

and submit them to the state institutions:

  • We submit the set-up documents for the notary approval.
  • We reserve a company name
  • at the request of the customers, we set up companies with the names, chosen by them.
  • We provide consultations on company legal form and tax system.
  • We order a seal for the set-up company.

Procedures, required for company set-up:

  • Choice and reservation of a company name
  • Choice of the company registered address**
  • Notary approval of the consent of the premises owner
  • A founding act or treaty, minutes of the general shareholders’ meeting or decision of the founder
  • Preparation and signing of the company registration documents
  • Statute or regulations of the set-up company
  • Opening of the cumulative bank account of the company
  • The company registration forms of the Centre of Registers
  • Formation of the registered capital on the bank account
  • Notary approval of the company set-up documents
  • Submission of the approved set-up documents to the Centre of Registers
  • Withdrawal of documents of the set-up company from the Centre of Registers

** At the request of the customer, we provide a registered address to the set-up company. Purchasing conditions of the registered address can be found here.