Migration services

Migration – is people movement in a country or across borders. Migration can be internal and international, long-term and short-term, voluntary and involuntary, legal and illegal, family reunification, employment, legal action, education, or other basis, in order to change the political, social, economic, cultural or any other environment.

A temporary residence permit – is a document insuring for foreigner the right of temporary residence in Lithuania for the specified period. Normally a temporary residence permit is insured for 1 year and renewed every 1 year. A foreigner has the right to choose his place of residence in Lithuania, to change, leave Lithuania and return to Lithuania during the time of his temporary residence permit.

The holder of temporary residence can move freely throughout the Schengen area for 90 days. within 6 months.

We provide the following migration issues:

  • preparation of documents necessary for employment of foreign nationals in Lithuania;
  • legal advise on issues of employment of foreign nationals in Lithuania;
  • issuance of temporary and permanent residence and work permits in Lithuania;
  • invitations to arrive to Lithuania;
  • other migration issues.

We will perform the following actions:

  • prepare documents regarding receipt of temporary or permanent permits to live and work in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • we provide advice and assist on all issues related to visa issuance, approval of invitations to arrive to the Republic of Lithuania and other related issues;
  • upon your request we provide a place of residence with a right to declare it as Your place of residence;
  • we advise and select the best solution on citizenship access issues:
  • we present You at state authorities, companies, entities and organizations of the Republic of Lithuania.

Benefits of residence permits:

1.     The residence permit is temporary or permanent status, entitling its holder to enter the Schengen zone country and be there for an indefinite period of time (the duration of the residence permit);

2.      Residence permit in Lithuania provides an opportunity to travel without a visa to the Schengen area countries territory, without prejudice to the existence of time;

3.      Permission to reside in Lithuania facilitate visas to countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia;

4.     Gives the right to work in Lithuania and other EU countries (there are additional conditions);

5.      Provides the same social benefits as well as Lithuanian citizens: unemployment benefit, child birth allowance, medicine, science, and so on., with the exception of political  rights;

6.      Persons authorized to reside in Lithuania-based business (II or LTD) will be entitled to purchase a car with the ability to operate outside the European Union (temporary removal from the jurisdiction of the country of importation).

Terms of residence permits:

  • up to 6 months. – The first application for a temporary residence permit procedures;
  • up to 2 months. – Application examination to change the residence permit.

A temporary residence permit is usually issued for one year, issuing procedure is established by the Social Security and Labour Ministry. Work permit must obtained prior to entry into the Republic of Lithuania.