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Transport license – a permit to engage in the transportation of goods or passengers.

The license is issued by the State Transport Inspection VKTI within 30 days from the date of application and receipt of all necessary documents. The application review may take longer, but this can be avoided by purchasing an existing company with a valid transport license. Another way is to entrust the preparation and submission of documents to our employees and specialists who deal with the State Transport Inspection. Our employees have significant experience in company licensing and will ensure that the entire licensing process goes smoothly. We will properly prepare all the necessary documents, submit them to the State Transport Inspection, provide consultation on all matters related to the transport license, and help address any deficiencies, such as the lack of transport parking, the absence of a manager with a transport competency certificate, and more.

We also always have the option to offer transport companies with valid licenses. After the sale of the company (takes 1 day).


Construction certificate – a document issued by the Ministry of Environment, granting the right to be a special building designer, construction contractor, building project or building expertise contractor.

We handle the documents and procedures for obtaining construction certifications and other qualification documents for construction companies.

The certification of construction companies is a procedure during which a commission approved by the Minister of Environment assesses whether the company is ready to perform relevant activities in special buildings and issues a certificate. Documents on the activities of construction companies from the European Union and other countries are evaluated based on their compliance with the legal framework of Lithuania.

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